Monday, August 13, 2012

We Beat the Heat at Art In The Village of Carlsbad

Who Says Kids Only Have Fun!

August 12, 2012, Carlsbad, CA, the 14th Annual Art in the Village brought all ages out to play and view the wonderful art in the village.

The high temperatures of the day hit 85 degrees and literally went unnoticed by the hundreds of youth and families that filled the Stardust Arts Activity booth on Sunday.

They came out to create art, use their imaginations, and look at what was offered by others.  

They found Stardust and by the end of the day the attendance had hit over 533 children and parents creating fun projects. It was not unusual to find the parents participating in the activities, creating a zany hat, swirling butterflies or a snowflake that did simply did not melt in the heat.  Laughter, smiles, imagination and the colorful art booth contributed the booths continued maximum capacities throughout the entire day.  Minute by minute another wonderful creation flew out the booth, to enjoy the remaining day with their families.

Parents expressed their appreciation for the activities provided at the event for their children and stated how much fun it was to simply watch their children get into a project.  Each found themselves drawn in and creating too! Who said kids are the only ones to have fun?

Many parents shared their opinions about the value of art in their child’s life, as story after story was shared with Stardust director, Cheryl Ehlers and her wonderful volunteer artists manning the booth. Thanks, Julie Bubar, Rita-Howeiler-Cecil, Daughter Emma and Julie Snowdy for your tireless assistance!

Stardust delivered, while many vendors commented on low attendance and sales were, due to heat, the parents of Sandra Klemins a 8 year old, stated “it is really more about the economy and its effect on our families today, we have to keep us all together and while loving to share in all the experiences the City has to offer, we can’t afford much, so these types of events are fun for us as a family.”

“Stardust Arts is about keeping art alive in all of us”, stated Art Director Cheryl Ehlers, and it is the sincerest form of appreciation when parents get involved with their children while watching them evolve with confidence and pride in being able to do something amazing in art.

All in all, beating the heat was a breeze with minds set on creativity and imagination and a sense of accomplishment, nothing but joy filled the air as spinning treasures flitted their way to places unknown.

The Stardust Art booth was sponsored by the Carlsbad Village Association, Homelife Village Realtors, and Friends of Stardust.  They are always looks forward to new adventures and returning, once again, to bring the highly successful youth activities into the village event.

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