Friday, June 29, 2012

June 28th at the 10Hr Art Gallery shared with over 200 young and old, professional and curious people who stepped into our world of Art Awareness and Education. How very exciting it was to see such a mix of individuals who were facinated to... connect with the orginal artists and learn about their process of creativity. the gallery was filled with very unsusual and unique art and the artists connected with the beauty that displayed on the walls. It was unsual in that 95% of the art was all creativy processing. Far and few between will you see any traditional pieces, so it is a really fun and energetic display.

Young Grace, age 10, student of The Stardust Arts, diplayed her art and got to meet Mr. Phillip. (as she called him), Development Director of TERI Inc. to share stories and enlightment at both levels of merging the processing of art and how it effects everyone.

The art and love of it, was felt by all that attended. Thank you for all your support in spreading the message of "the value of art to all ages".

Saturday is our last day as we are closing, so if you have not had the opportunity to stop in , please do so. Were are located right next to the Pita Pit in facing the parking lot next to Lindas Gifts.

Have a great day!

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