Friday, December 16, 2011

My Art Teacher Cheryl Ehlers by Grace K.

It's a "wonderful life"

How many times has a teacher reached out to their students, asking for no recognition but with the hope of having provided some special spark that would fill their life’s with lasting memories. To be honored by such a thoughtful, intelligent and talented young art student who took the time to care enough to show her pride is a wonder. Grace K. is an art student in The Stardust Arts, a program that develops creativity and imagination in art, and here is her story.

Grace K. writes; My Art Teacher, Cheryl Ehlers .

“I am writing about Cheryl Ehlers because I admire her and I think she deserves it. She is a very good teacher and artist. She is light hearted, funny, and makes learning about art fun.

Mrs. Cheryl Ehlers started painting when she was thirteen; So far she has been painting for forty-five years. What inspired her was “little things that people haven’t done.

Mrs. Ehlers also participates in contests with her art. Since 2007 she has entered in 78 contests. The contestants show their art to the judges who decide whose art is the best. She has her own personal website., it has Mrs. Cheryl’s art, biography, and art gallery of her work and a display of Stardust Arts student paintings. Stardust Arts is an art program for elementary school kids that she started in 2009. It took three months to organize it and start it.

She had several art teachers but one was wonderful. That teacher supported her greatly and was the one who pushed her on. Mrs. Cheryl made the program, because of her. Her favorite artists are Pablo Picasso. Her favorite painting is called Pepper. She painted Pepper herself. Pepper was an old parrot she had. Mrs. Cheryl Ehlers recommends being an artist’s because it shows who you really are.

Mrs. Ehlers Quotes: " You should paint what you feel. I never take lightly the gifts of talents I have been graced with in this lifetime and enjoy sharing my visions that are reflections in, my mind". You can see Grace's work on the website at

The program explores spacial organization, creativity and builds confidence which enables children to seek higher goals in life and be successful in whatever they apply themselves too. It proves that having art in the schools creates a well rounded education.

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